Planned Parenthood to stabilize financially…thanks to the staggering support from the adult toy industry

Planned Parenthood is now enjoying financial support from allies who are willing to assist in the fight against abortion. Its partners including Vibrant, Nasty Women Sex Toys, Craft Boner, among others intent to do this by introducing a new set of adult toys. Other additional models they have lined up include emojis with uterus themes and sex-positive packaging papers.

While the new line of products may look X-rated, abortion adversaries feel it’s a good way to help Planned Parenthood gain financial stability and stop relying on the taxpayers’ money.

Jay Richards, senior editor of The Stream (a news website) said that the sex toys should mean a fresh dawn for Planned Parenthood which has been enjoying private funding from many charitable organizations including the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This is proof enough that Planned Parenthood hasn’t gained grounds.

Remember that Planned Parenthood received a torrent of support from Republicans following the 2016 elections. On top of that, Republicans secured an alliance that’s capable of defunding America’s leading abortion provider.

Vibrant, a sex toy shop based in Denver is among the primary benefactors. It was solely established to shore up the Rocky Mountains’ branch of Planned Parenthood. Vibrant sells dildos, vibrators, and rings for $20 to $220 and gives 100{1af1d6fd20039196de8b3c623c6b1a3013651a36e10fd63d67c01c78a1ea15aa} of its proceeds to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

According to Vicki Cowart, president of Rocky Mountains’ Planned Parenthood, partners like Vibrant—who advertise sex toys even on social media—are critical for the future of the association.

Nasty Woman Sex Toys also has the same lineup of adult toys. The company, through its merchant account for adult website offers a generous 20{1af1d6fd20039196de8b3c623c6b1a3013651a36e10fd63d67c01c78a1ea15aa} of its profits to Planned Parenthood.

Craft Boner, an adult art company is also all out to support the idea with its adult-themed arts on wrapping papers (branded “Santa doesn’t care if you’re a slut.”) among other products. It has a “Support Planned Parenthood” line of goods including “Sassy uterus” tote bags and shirts. Craft Boner donates 30{1af1d6fd20039196de8b3c623c6b1a3013651a36e10fd63d67c01c78a1ea15aa} of its proceeds to the Rocky Mountains’ Planned Parenthood.

And you can’t claim to be Planned Parenthood’s follower if you haven’t met “Ooti the Uterus” an emoji you can download for $1.99 on your Smartphone. Ooti, an artistic replica of the reproductive organ is “lively”, can dance, read books and lift weights. Planned Parenthood enjoys100{1af1d6fd20039196de8b3c623c6b1a3013651a36e10fd63d67c01c78a1ea15aa} of Ooti’s proceeds.

Designers behind the emoji say it is not only a celebration of the wonderful reproductive organ but also a way of augmenting Planned Parenthood’s implausible health services.